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Heavy cover of Eurythmics' 80's classic "Missionary Man" featuring Deb Criveau killing it on vocals. Music performed and arranged by Mojo.


Missionary Man
by Eurythmics

Well I was born an original sinner.
I was born from original sin.
And if I had a dollar bill
For all the things I've done
There'd be a mountain of money
Piled up to my chin...

My mother told me good
My mother told me strong.
She said "Be true to yourself
And you can't go wrong.
But there's just one thing
That you must understand:
You can fool with your brother,
But don't mess with a missionary man."

Don't mess with a missionary man.
Don't mess with a missionary man.

Well the missionary man
He's got God on his side.
He's got the saints and apostles
Backin' up from behind.
Black eyed looks from those Bible books.
He's a man with a mission
Got a serious mind.
There was a woman in the jungle
And a monkey on a tree.
The missionary man he was followin' me.
He said "Stop what you're doing.
Get down upon your knees.
I've got a message for you that you better believe."


released January 8, 2017
Lead vocals by Deb Criveau. Music arranged and performed by Mojo. Produced by Mojo and Deb Criveau. Mixed & mastered by Matt Denton at Playroom Studio. Written by Eurythmics. Used by permission. All rights reserved.




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